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London at a Glance


If you think of London, the capital of the United Kingdom, you can not help conjuring up pictures of the town’s most iconic monuments, figures and characters. London is situated on the Thames River that is spanned by 33 bridges, the most famous being Tower Bridge and London Bridge. London lives up to its standing as though it had been a caricature of itself.

London has an efficient and extensive underground train system (the tube) that will get you to all of the town’s attractions. London is a busy, fast moving and also an upward lifting town, it provides excellent shopping opportunities on roads such as Oxford Street and vibrant theater and musical shows at the London West End. Not to overlook that London was also the town of Shakespeare and people may visit a reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the banks of the Thames. Besides Shakespeare and West End musicals London is famous for additional musical icons such as the 60s rock bands Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the Sex Pistols, Queen and more lately Amy Winehouse and Adele.

The mediaeval bounds of the City of London in 2.9km² have stayed nearly exactly the same. London was struck by the Black Death in the 14th century dropping nearly a third of its inhabitants, but the town lived and the town was continuously changing and creating innovative ideas. From roughly 1831 to 1925 it had been the world’s biggest city. During WWI and WWII London suffered harm from German bombing but again the town maintained its “chin up” and transported on growing and growing. With the collapse of the British Empire that the town welcomed immigrants in commonwealth nations and outside. This might have destroyed a town but London embraced the numerous new civilizations and today it’s possible to go to the distinct cultural communities in town and sample their cuisine, music and special cultures.

One of the numerous websites in London are many World Heritage Sites such as the Tower of London, a former castle in which the crown jewels are kept; Kew Gardens and a number of other pristine metropolitan landscapes; the Palace of Westminster, England’s parliament building on the shores of the Thames; Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church. The ethos of British pride could be sensed when you find the Changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace and you may also have a trip inside. The London Eye is a contemporary addition to the numerous historical buildings in town. This giant Ferris wheel climbs 135 meters high and carries visitors over the town in transparent passenger capsules for scenic views throughout the city. Piccadilly Circus with its own statue of Eros and Trafalgar Square with Nelson’s Column in its center are two iconic visitors circles in London. The palace includes a different terrace and twin spires and inside you will find the tombs of renowned historic characters.

Do not forget a cruise down the Thames and a meal of fish and chips at a typical British pub while still in London

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